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Client-centric technology is at the core of our technology in order to deliver leading execution for all of our partners. We understand that providing leading execution and order filling at the best real market pricing is essential to our success and have therefore invested heavily in our technology infrastructure to provide the lowest latency solution for your traders.

Technology Key Facts

  • Ultra-low latency
  • Superior execution performance at Equinix LD4 (London)
  • Cross-Connected server and liquidity bank locations designed for Low-Latency MT4 trading and an ideal HFT environment
  • High end server specifications and capabilities to ensure high capacities
  • Optimised high performance computing (HPC) with full reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS)

Superior Execution Quality

  • Sub-Millisecond latency with cross connections to multiple liquidity banks and exchanges, located at the same server location to deliver the best electronic trading environment
  • Tier-1 Liquidity to 15+ liquidity provisions
  • Fibre Optic connectivity from strategically located data-centres around the world
  • Smart Order Routing for direct to markets trading with price aggregation and access to deep liquidity providers that deliver speed of execution capacity and stability
  • High Capacity MetaTrader bridge with unlimited tick data handling and unrivalled order execution capacities
  • Scalable architecture for growth and to overcome server crowding

Execution Time

The technology combines to deliver ultra-fast execution speeds with average internally latency (Server to Liquidity) as low as 6 ms, and average order execution (no VPS assistance) from MT4 to Liquidity and to receive trade confirmation is under 86 ms .

Our commitment is to provide you with the best pricing available in our liquidity pools and the fastest execution (order filling confirmation) speeds available to us. We work hard to increase all metrics by removing underperforming liquidity and adding new provisions continuously.

Please feel free to contact our sales team to request a demonstration of order execution speeds and real time pricing examples.

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Cross-Connected server and liquidity bank locations designed for Low-Latency MT4 trading and an ideal HFT environment.