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We are proud to provide a multitude of solutions and services to support your business from an all-in-one white label solution to specific and targeted individual solutions. Feel free to review a selection of our services below and contact us to learn more.

B2B Solutions

All of our solutions and services have been created in order to provide our clients a complete range of front-end and back-end solutions required to operate a successful forex brand.

We can support your operation with a complete brokerage package that delivers everything required to run your business, or you can cherry-pick a solution that suits your level of business.

Trading Platforms

Launch a range of MetaTrader 4 based trading platforms to support your clients demands. The MT4 trading terminal is available in three platform variations that can support trading on any machine, operating system and even grant clients access via mobile devices and using any browser.

For higher level of trading, you can select to add a Pro trading platform to your suite with connections via FIX API for your more sophisticated or higher volume traders.


Business intelligence is crucial for your long-term success and by using the range of front-end and back-end systems, you can efficiently manage your business activities, mange relationships, access key reports and quickly identify issues and maximise your ROI.

The client area is a management are for your clients handle all request, create accounts, switch leverage, perform funding activities and transfers from within a secure SLL protected environment. Your brand's back-end is a management tool for your team, that includes superb sales and CRM facilities and affiliate area so you can easily on board and work with introducing agents.

Liquidity Solutions

Quantix offers you a turn-key, Multi-Asset solution with a world-class IT infrastructure, high capcity servers and low latency cross-connectivity to some of the world's leading liquidity banks and exchanges.

With this infrastructure, we aim to reduce trading costs, increase trading volumes and fill market orders to 15+ liquidity banks and exchanges using a zero manipulation 100% STP model offering best execution policies, best bid and ask pricing, execution anonymity at ultra-low institutional rates.

MT4 Libraries and DLLs

All systems have been developed to communicate in real time with the MetaTrader server to ensure your front-end and back-end systems are always up-to-date and synced for better management controls, reporting and to manage your sales and retention strategies.

Some key features include automated creation of new accounts, instant crediting of incoming funds, immediate updates of balances on the trading platform and of course, real time reporting on sales, retention, CRM management and all other business activities.

PAMM/MAM Technology

Our PAMM/MAM technology is an easy to use trade allocation tool for Funds, Money Managers and other clients, essentially, the software allows for the smooth operation of multiple account management from one master account.

Some benefits of the PAMM/MAM systems include multiple allocation methods, risk parameter settings, configuration of participants and trade distribution, Trade and performance reports and security permissions to allow you to attract high levels of investments and extra revenue streams.

Turnkey Solutions

Quantix offers a complete suite of back-end and front-end systems, platforms and liquidity to provide you with all the tools necessary to build a profitable business that can be launched within 48 hours of approval.

We are confident that our all-in-one package for operating your own White Label brand is unrivalled and comprehensively covers all elements that your business requires to operate successfully.

MT4 Gateway

We have create performing and customer-centric trading environment based around leading technologies to deliver high capacity execution capabilities, with ultra-fast execution and unparallel execution quality to a wide range of markets.

Central to quality execution is the bridge which aggregates prices from multiple providers 24 hours a day, delivers to MT4 unlimited price ticks, handles high frequency trading anonymously and efficiently and processes orders in milliseconds leads high quality filling at the best market prices 100% of the time.

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Our main focus is to provide professional solutions targeted to institutional clientele and the Financial Services Industry.