Quantix FS


Who we are

Quantix FS Limited is a leading and regulated financial services provider targeted towards institutional clientele. The company was founded by a team of industry experts to pass on to an unrivalled level of knowledge, market understanding and support to help achieve success in the financial markets arena.

To achieve success, we believe the key elements are teamwork, excellence and continual developments in everything that we do. Our team, and their industry expertise are our greatest assets and we focus on passing on this expertise through Quantix services and products.

What we provide

We provide a wide range of innovative services, solutions and systems that enable financial markets participants to maximise their business potential, quickly and easily.

Through multiple segments of services available, we offer a wide range of technology solutions, liquidity provisions from leading banks and exchanges, front and back-end management tools, software solutions and platforms to allow Quantix to be perfectly placed to support your business activities.

Pioneering Developments

As we operate within a fast moving and competitive market place, we focus on sustaining a wide range of solutions as well as targeting ongoing developments to ensure our products and solutions remain at the forefront of the market place.

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The company was founded by a team of industry experts to deliver to you an unrivalled level of knowledge and market understanding.